Honors for Ink Brush Press writers
Spur Award Winner
Best Short Story, 2012
"The Deacon's Horse" by Clay Reynolds
in our anthology
Texas Soundtracks

Indie Book Awards
No End of Vision: Texas As Seen by Two Laureates
by Alan Birkelback and Karla K. Morton
 2012 Oklahoma Book Award Finalist
Dreaming Sam Peckinpah by W.K. Stratton

Nominated for the 2012 Lillian Smith Book Award
The Last Will and Testament of Rosetta SugarsTramble by Myra Mclarey

A finalist for the 2010 Jesse Jones Fiction Award
Faded Love by Jim Sanderson
Jim is the 2012 first-place winner of 
The Kay Cattarulla Award for best short story


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The Lords of Leftovers
     After the electricity went off in the United States, after the country suffered a great fire and survivors found themselves with no workable economy or unified government, some few enterprising merchants traveled about scavenging and trading for leftovers from the time before the great catastrophes.
     Master story teller Dan Williams tells of two such merchants as they struggle with bandits, religious zealots, and armed militias who proclaim their own law. This thoughtful and engaging story of the near future is not one you will want to miss.

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Now available
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The Subtle Dance of Impulse and Light

This intriguing and often raucously funny collection by Brett Riley marries ingenious plots, innovative forms, and a definite narrative voice, but there's something bigger than all that here, too:  the attempt to understand how our own lives fall so far short—and repeatedly fall so far short—of that perfect choreography promised by the technology that tries to shape them. 

—Mark Jackson, Book Review Editor, Concho River Review

Brett Riley's website