Four Genres Press makes use of the latest technology in printing and distributing books. We employee the services of Lightning Source for printing and Ingram for distribution.  Lightning Source, a print-on-demand printer, keeps the electronic definitions of books and covers in its computers, and it has the capacity of printing, binding, and shipping a single book or hundreds of them. The books are of the highest quality and are indistinguishable from the highest quality books printed in mass by other printers.

     Ingram, the parent company of Lightning Source, handles orders from bookstores throughout the world, be these from brick-and-mortar stores or electronic companies such as Amazon. Anyone anywhere can order one copy or a thousand. Ingram will instruct the printer to do the printing and shipping, and Ingram will collect the money for the order, pay the printer and pay the publisher—all such tasks done electronically.
        Such technology in book production and distribution means Four Genres Press can concentrate on what we do best: select excellent manuscripts, edit and typeset them, design the cover, secure ISBNs and Library of Congress numbers, and produce high-quality, attractive books. We are relieved of the time-consuming and expensive processes of handling mass print runs, storing boxes of books, and shipping individual orders.
        4GP is a for profit press determined to publish excellent books that make money for our writers and for our press.
      We are staffed by publishing writers who are experienced editors. We have worked as editors for a major university press as well as for small presses, and we have taught as university professors in several countries.
      We understand how difficult it is to sell books in an age dominated by computers and video screens. We also understand that the audience for some genres is so limited that profits will be slow and difficult to win.
       Successful writers, especially those dealing with contemporary small presses, must be successful promoters of their books. We will partner with our writers to ensure enough book sales to make publication possible.