Submission Guidelines for Four Genres Press

Query first. If we like what we see, we will give you instructions for sending your manuscript. We will not consider a book without first seeing a query. Ours is a small operation staffed by volunteers, so be patient about queries.

We will consider

  • fiction                            We are currently closed to new submissions.
  • nonfiction                                 Check this page for updates.
  • poetry
  • drama

To accept a book for publication we must be convinced that

  • You have completed the manuscript, revised appropriately, and have a clean, carefully proofread manuscript on hand. We will not consider works in progress.
  • It is a good book
  • It has not been previously published or self published or published on the world wide web
  • It is a book that will sell enough copies to
    • pay for publication costs
    • make some profit for the press
    • earn some royalties for the writer

Writers must therefore

  • Send us a sample of your best, completed and unpublished book
  • Convince us that you will take an active part in promoting your book

A query must have three parts:

       1. A sample of writing (see genre guidelines below for definitions of sample)

       2. A statement of how the writer will promote the book once it is in print. This must contain specifics, not mere generalities. Instead of saying, "I will give readings," give information on when and were. Instead of saying "I will schedule book signings," name the bookstores, libraries, etc where you will set up book signings. Instead of stating, "I will promote my book on the web," give the specific sites you will use for such promotion. Include a list of at least five publications to which 4GP can send review copies. These should be publications that will likely review your book for audiences who might order the book. Also give your best and most accurate guess as to how many copies you could distribute within the first 12 months after publication.

     Keep in mind that while our goal is to publish good books, we must generate sales to stay in the business of publishing, and that as a small press we have limited ways to promote your book. We must have you as a partner in finding readers for your work.

     3. A brief statement about your writing experience


How to submit a query

Compose your query, then email it to us. Start with Contact Us.


Genre Guidelines for Samples of Writing

Fiction  If your book is under 45,000 words, do not query

     Novel: the opening 800 to 1000 words and a 500-word summary

     Story collection: 800 to 1000 words of a short story and the opening two sentences of the remaining stories.

Nonfiction   Do not query with a book under 45,000 words 

     the opening 800 to 1000 words and a 500 word summary of the book.

Drama: a list of characters, the opening 800 to 1000 words of dialog and a 500 word summary

Poetry  Your collection should be at least 80 pages long.

     Send five poems


Fiction: mainstream, literary, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, romance, historical, short stories, juvenile, young adult


Nonfiction: creative nonfiction, how-to, self help, health, cookbooks, psychology, business, economics, investing, books of regional interest, true crime, histories, philosophy, profiles, educational, juvenile, young adult


Poetry: pay attention to craft, polish, sound, poetic devices, and use of imagery. While we will consider both traditional and free verse, we are not interested in seeing mere prose broken into lines. 


Be warned that ours is a small press and as such is not right for all writers.