Honors for Ink Brush Press writers
Spur Award Winner
Best Short Story
"The Deacon's Horse" by Clay Reynolds
in our anthology
Texas Soundtracks

Indie Book Awards
No End of Vision: Texas As Seen by Two Laureates
by Alan Birkelback and Karla K. Morton
 Oklahoma Book Award Finalist
Dreaming Sam Peckinpah by W.K. Stratton

Nominated for the Lillian Smith Book Award
The Last Will and Testament of Rosetta SugarsTramble by Myra Mclarey

A finalist for the Jesse Jones Fiction Award
Faded Love by Jim Sanderson
Jim is the 2012 first-place winner of 
The Kay Cattarulla Award for best short story

NEW Books

Dana Wildsmith’s Jumping portrays with great skill and finesse the collision of the two worlds of a Georgia school teacher and a small charming Mexican boy. Her impeccable scene-painting and natural inner dialogs captivate as they inform, moving the reader’s involvement swiftly forward. This is a novel of great breadth and heart, spanning years and yet as intimate on each page as the present moment. To read Jumping is to  experience a remarkable work of fiction with, in the best sense of the phrase, the ring of truth.
    —Jan Seale, 2012 Texas Poet Laureate; author of Appearances: Stories 
     I’ve long admired Dana Wildsmith’s poetry, but now she proves herself an accomplished novelist as well. Jumping is an evocative and timely novel of cross-cultural bonds and challenges, rendered with a poet’s eye for detail and resonance.   —Ron Rash, author of Serena
press release
Chera Hammons’ Recycled Explosions places us in an elusive and at times frightening narrative, moving along Judas-filled landscapes where we may or may not “find a way back to what [we] know.”  Perhaps whatever inheritance we once had—or believed in—is gone.  Still, Hammons “keeps vigil.”  Her poems remind us that, despite the times we live in, we seek to be blessed, even if the angel we wrestle turns out to be only a “reflection” of ourselves.              
    —Jeff Hardin, author of Restoring the Narrative

The Texas Institute of Letters named Recycled Explosions a finalist for the 2016 best first book of poetry by a Texan.